Company Profile

     New So's Enterprises is a wholesaler and retailer of various hotel, hospital and restaurant supplies in the Philippines. Our main product lines are concentrated on paper and plastic products, source both from local and international companies. In line with this House of Merchandising was established on 1982 whose primary focus is to import products from various suppliers around the globe. Our products include polyvinyl film, aluminum foil, paper doilies, disposable and hand gloves, and bamboo skewers, drinking straws and stirrers and janitorial items to name few.

     The company was registered first under the name So's Enterprises. Leoncio Tiu and his brother So Tiao Bin with the main objective of serving the hotels and restaurants opening in the metropolis established it in 1965. Mr. Tiu then established another company, Polybest Industry. The main purpose of which is to manufacture top quality drinking straws and stirrers. Gerald Tiu is heading the production. In 1995, after 30 years of service to the company So Tiao Bin retired. Hence the company changes its name to New So's Enterprises.

     To date, with over 1000 customers, our establishment is enjoying a market share of about 40% and still growing. The company has over 200 kinds of products both local and imported, as we never cease to find high quality products here and abroad in order to serve your needs and expectations.

Company Vision

Starting year 2009 it is vision to expand our product and market coverage. We have identified the following areas growth:

  • Product coverage to carry innovative types of packaging.
  • Better market coverage outside Metro Manila via distribution agreements with major provincial dealers.
  • Wider nature of customers including bakeshop, coffee shops, resort, canteens, caterers, and cooking institutions.

Key Strengths

  • Access to the top hotels and restaurants resulting to close customer relationship developed over a period of 44 years.
  • Links to foreign suppliers for continuous updates on the latest products and technologies.
  • Knowledge of domestic market preferences.
  • Familiarity with the competitors and their core strength and weaknesses.
  • Being partners, the company's full-time staff pledges their commitment to the success of the venture expansion plans.

Key Personnel

ACCOUNTING: Ms. Evelyn Reyes
SALES: Ms. Elena Chavez
PURCHASING: Ms. Bhel Valle